MoneyBagg Yo – Oh Fuck lyrics

Oh fuck by MoneyBagg Yo Lyrics


Oh fu-Ck (Oh fu-Ck), load up (Load it up)
I just fu-Cked a thot and I was sober (Uh uh uh)
Just copped another toy, she like, “Grow up” (Grow up)
Told her it’s room to make a porno in this Rolls truck (Lot of space)
Ran my money up (Sprint), why the fu-Ck your hands out?
All my niggas with me now, how I leave you assed out?
This bitch need her rent paid, son need some new J’s
Niggas call from jail who I ain’t heard from in decades (What?)
These niggas be killin’ me (How?), actin’ like they helpin’ me (What else?)
These bitches be feelin’ me (How?), runnin’ ’round reppin’ me (Bagg)
Heard you think we fallin’ off, you ‘posed to have faith in me (Mine)
Worried ’bout these rappers like they stand a chance replacing me (Who?)
Pour the Sprite, (What you call it?) dirty nights (Dirty nights)
800 a seat, I paid for 30 flights (To Dubai)
Only get one chance, do that murder right (Do it right)
Go by yourself, hit the switch, turn off his lights (Take off the meter)
Get high ’til my head nod (Uh), Off-White drippin’ eggnog
Big red Wraith, I’m Santa Claus (Skrrt)
Streets on lock, I’m federal (No bond)
I know the odds against me (I know that)
Diamonds on wet, you can rinse me (Squeegee)
I told her go pick it up then drop it off
She like, “Why would you risk me?” (Ha!)
I’m fu-Cked up, I can’t take me (How?)
Dude baby mama tryna rape me (Molestin’ me)
Draco hold big monkey nuts
You must thought that you could ape me (What was you thinkin’?)
All of my niggas they heathens, shoot up your shit for no reason (Brr, too bangin’)
Smokin’ the kush fightin’ demons, gold on me, Yellow Beezy (On me, baby)
Hit em up, make him hold his chest that’s the pledge of allegiance (Pledge)
I had to flee out the region, fly to Miami, change up the season
They ain’t straight (SRT), they ain’t safe (Safe)
fu-Ckin bitches left to right, I play patty cake (Baker man)
Doors on that auto open handicap (Cripple crutch)
Already beat the odds, I made it out the trap (All odds against me)


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