Eminem – Framed lyrics

Lyrics of framed by Eminem Lyrics

Feeling kinky, lip syncing to Too $hort’s
Freaky Tales (Biatch!)
Having creepy visions of whiskey drinking
Envisioning sneaking into where Christie Brinkley dwells
I know this is risky thinking but I wanna stick her like she decals
But when murdering females better pay attention to these details
Or you could be derailed, better wear atleast three layers
Of clothing or be in jail
If you get scratched because your DNA’ll
Be all up under her fingernails
Man he hears you I don’t think he cares
He gives a fu-Ck even his pinky swears
Three personalities burstin out of me please beware
Her TV blares, can’t hear the creaking stairs
She’s all aware in no underwear she’s completely bare
Turns around and screams I remember distinctly
I said

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